Health analysis RBTI

14 July 2014

Lifeworks Health Clinic



First, total carbohydrates in the urine are measured. This tells us how well your body is handling carbohydrate foods. This will let us know whether your body is able to efficiently digest and utilise carbohydrates to maintain a steady consistent energy. Any variation from the ideal zone is an indication of difficulty with holding optimal blood sugar balance. This can have a major effect on your ability to hold your energy stable. This can lead to cravings and poor dietary control and many other symptoms such as anxiety, depression and addictions.

pH levels

Next we test the pH of the urine and the saliva. This will help us understand which calciums your body may be lacking. Next to water, calcium is the element most highly needed by the body. Amongst other roles, having the right balance of all of the calciums in your body will help ensure the correct production of enzymes for digestion and help the assimilation of all other nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Correcting any imbalances can be a major help in calming and helping the body and mind cope with stress more easily.

The pH of the urine is extremely important, as it is an indication of how well your body can digest and assimilate the nutrients from food and supplements. You may be wasting your money taking supplements that you aren’t able to absorb if your pH is too acid or too alkaline. A poor pH balance is a major cause of illness and disease. If ignored, an imbalanced pH can affect your blood and oxygen-carrying capacity along with all cellular activities, hormone systems, immune functions and all other bodily functions.

The pH of the saliva gives an idea of the pressure that your liver and pancreas are under and relates to the body’s ability to begin the digestive process in the mouth.


Next, we test for the levels of salts and toxins being released by the body. Firstly, we measure the amount of cellular debris in the urine to see if your body is cooperating with the necessary cleansing. A body that is unable to cooperate often needs a change of diet and supplementary assistance to help it let go of accumulated wastes. These wastes can easily become toxic to the body if not removed on a regular basis.

Then we check the level of salts and toxins using a conductivity meter to assess the level of fluids needed and how well your body is balancing its electrolytes. Numbers too high or low are an indication of too much or too little resistance in the body, either of which can have major effects on your health and your life.


The last two tests measure the amount of unutilised protein being passed through to the kidneys for elimination. This can show whether your body is cooperating in your quest for optimal health or whether there are any blockages in the upper or lower body. These tests can help you target areas of greatest concern and help you bring your focus onto old unresolved blockages of a physical or emotional cause.


This relates to wastes and toxins and detoxification in the upper part of the body


This relates to wastes and toxins i and detoxification n the lower part of the body

From these results we put together a program individually tailored to your body’s needs.


Q. Do I need a referral from my doctor?

A. No, simply contact us directly and we will organise to send you an RBTI Whole Body Analysis Kit.

Q. Can the RBTI test help with areas of concern such as weight issues, menopause, hormonal imbalances, allergies or sensitivities?

A. Yes, absolutely. Following the Analysis a program is specifically designed for your personal needs, to bring your body back into balance.

Q. What is in the Kit?

A. Complete, easy to understand step-by-step instructions on how and when to give the samples, the appropriate specimen containers, a transportation container, questionnaire for completion and return address label.

Q. Can anyone do this RBTI test?

A. Yes, absolutely everyone, including children.

Q Will these tests determine any diseases that may or may not be known?

A. The Analysis gives indications of how the body is functioning and therefore is a tool to assist in the prevention of disease.

Q. How do these tests vary from blood tests?

A. It is very different to blood tests. With RBTI we are looking at the whole body and how it is metabolising and eliminating.

Q. What happens after I send back the Kit?

A. We will send you the detailed Analysis from the findings of your testing within 7-10 business days, with step-by-step instructions of what we recommend you do to bring your body back into balance. This may include dietary factors, specific supplementation and/or the addition of other therapy for particular organ/detoxification support programs.

Q. Do I only need to do this test once?

A. That depends entirely on the results shown from our findings. If there are areas of concern, then yes, we would recommend a follow-up test be conducted so we can monitor your progress and better assist you in achieving your desired results.

Q. If I need supplementation, can I purchase them from anywhere or do I have to purchase them from you?

A. Some of the supplementations we provide have been specifically formulated for the RBTI Whole Body Analysis. Others we recommend can be purchased from us or elsewhere. We will provide you with all the details and our recommendations on your Analysis report.

Q. Does it matter where I live to have these tests done?

A. No, we have designed these tests so they are available to everyone within Australia.


When we answer your questions, we only provide information based on the results of your urine and saliva tests. We do not diagnose any diseases, nor do we prescribe any medication or advise you to give up existing medications. This is a decision to be made only by yourself and your doctor.